Mandaremos una prueba antes de imprimir. No imprimimos hasta que usted apruebe. 

Can you send me a proof before I buy ? 
You can place a deposit of $25.00 (non refundable or credit towards order) Pay deposit here and we will send you a proof with your information. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a free proof, since we do have a designer working with you on a one-on-one basis.  Please take into consideration, that we will make changes for you, when you receive a proof. You get a total of 3 free proofs (min 3 changes per email)  after that there is a charge of $5.00 per change/layer worked on.  We will not charge you for mistakes made on our end. 

Can you modify art, font, color ect. ?

Yes of course we can change colors on any of our existing designs. We can also add art. Just make a note of what you want in the “Special designs” section. Our mission is to work in creating a unique design. Since our other main priority is to make sure our orders are sent out in a timely manner, we reserve the right to cancel and refund order for exceeded number of changes. 

I want the color to match my dress or party decor? Can you do it?

There is no extra charge for color change send us a color swatch and we will try our best to match. This will add 2 business day to your order.  

Your monitor will be callibrated different than ours so color may vary. There is a EXACT Color Match Service of $15.00, you must email the color swatch. We will then determine if this color can be done.  (please allow 2-3 business days for EXACT color match)

How many photo can I use?

You can use up to 1-4 photos depending on the design. Please take into consideration the design when you submit many photos. If the form does not have enough photos you can always send them directly to customerservice@eventphotocards.com Changing photos does not include background removal. Any digital manipulation is a cost of $10.00 

My photo did not upload what do I do?

Sometimes it could be the photo is too big or the wrong format file (ex. Gif, png) This does not mean it will not work just email us the photo directly to customerservice@eventphotocards.com

I want a Sweet Sixteen designs to be used for a Graduation/Birthday/Wedding? or vice versa

All of our designs can be changed into whatever you want. When ordering simply specify in the additional instructions section and type out the changes you need. All of our designs can be customized for your needs. We can change wording, text and colors.

 How soon will I get my order?

Please see shipping info

What resolution and file format should my photos be sent in? 300dpi,  No blurry photos, cell phone, ect..

Your photos are the most important element of your announcement. Therefore, we take photo touch-up work very seriously, and have professional photo refinishers perform all photo touch-up work. 
Ideally, we need a 1200x1800 pixel image to get the best quality for your 4-inch x 6-inch print (at 300dpi). A higher resolution is even better! A lower resolution may work for a collage design, which incorporates several smaller size photos. If using a digital camera, set your camera to the highest resolution possible (Please refer to your owner's manual for more information about setting the resolution on your camera). If you submit a blurry or small photo, depending on the design it may be workable. If it is imperative that the photo be clear then you must send a 300dpi that is at least 1MB. We are not responsible for small/blurry photos submitted that have been approved and printed. Please save your files to either JPG, TIFF or PSD format before sending them to us. Also, please make sure your e-mail program does not try to automatically resize your photo(s) if you e-mail your photo(s). Following these resolution and file format guidelines will ensure the highest resolution.  

Please make sure the photos you submit are photos you have permission to use. We will not remove "PROOF" or use small images given by studio. We do not assume any liablilty  from studios for any images that are not granted permission. By submitting images you thereby releaser "eventphotocards inc" of any damages. A high resoultion file is best if used with our designs.

Grainy or Blurry photos CANNOT be repaired. Any major touch-ups, such as removing items from your photos or fixing severe shadow problems will require an additional fee.


How many changes can I do through out the design process?

You will receive a proof and you can request changes.  You get a total of 4 free proofs.  We will not charge you for mistakes made on our end. One thing we ask is that you have all your info together at once.

How soon will i receive my proof?

You will get proof in one business day, if none has been received please check SPAM / JUNK folder

You will be contacted in 1 business day  via email and will received a proof. You can then advise us of any changes that you need. Please check spam or junk folder. Call us if in 2 days you still have no proof. We are not liable if your or our email is filtered in the spam folder. 


Can my invitation be in Spanish or half of each?

Yes, we can do this. Please send us the spanish wording as you want it. If you want both english and spanish on an order of 100 or less  there is a $20.00 set up fee. This is to cover the cost of setting up 2 files instead of one in the press printer.

When will my card be printed?

Only after you have given final approval will your card be printed. Please look at the proof that is sent, this is what will be printed. If color match is important we suggest you print our proof on a home printer to check if it is to your liking. The proof emailed  to you will be what will be printed. Your monitor will be callibrated different than ours so email us about a specific color. (please allow extra time for color match)Therefore, it is important to check your e-mail often while we are in the design phase of your order. Also, please check your spam or junk mail folder in case your e-mail program automatically sends our e-mails there.

What payment methods are accepted?
Paypal accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and e-check. you do not need a Paypal account to pay, Please choose the option that states "if you do not have an account". It will take you directly to payment entry. We recommend that you make the order online. If paying by check this will delay your order up to 5 business days. You can call in to make payment at 866-334-4246

What if I need to order more later?

We will save your card design for 60 days in case you want to order more later. Reprints will be printed exactly as the original order. Changes can not be made for additional prints, and you will not receive a proof.

What is your cancellation or return policy?

Cancelling before we print:  The design process is very time consuming. Our professional designers invest a lot of time customizing the design per your specifications, as well as time enhancing and cropping your photos to best fit the design you ordered. Therefore, after the design phase has begun, if you choose to cancel your order, there will be a $45 non-refundable cancellation fee to cover our costs for creating the design, plus $5 per each additional proof requested after the third  proof (unless the proof was requested because of an error on our part), as well as $20 for any handcoloring, and $10/per photo that had "Enhanced Photo Work" done on a proof you received. Any photo replacement fees ($10 per replaced photo after the designer did the touch-up work on the photo) are also non-refundable. Once the design is printed, if there is an error on your card that is our mistake, we will make corrections, reprint, and ship your order to you at no cost. If after receiving the order, you find a mistake that was your error, we will ask that you pay for the cost of correcting the mistake and reprinting the cards (This cost will depend on the number of cards, the amount of necessary re-design work, and shipping costs). Therefore, please double-check all info on your card in both the order form and upon viewing the digital proof we provide to you prior to printing and emailing. The design we send you via email is what you will get. If you want something change or moved please email your designer. We do not offer refunds. We use 110lb paper, glossy, or matte photo paper finish and once selected that is what will be printed and no refunds are issued. Only Reprints. We will not be responsible for changes you want once you receive order. (such as font, color or artwork) What you see is what you get. Please note that there is a $25.00 fee for each design. (example response card, reception, and invitations, each side to an invitation would be considered 1 design)

Should I send my photos in color or convert them to B&W, etc.?

Please send us the photos in color, if you have them, and we will convert them for you. Color photos have more photo color information in the file, which our professional designers will utilize to get the highest Baby conversion. 
If you are sending a professional photograph, please be sure to include a signed