Vip Passes for Sweet Sixteen Mad Hatter

Okay so you are having a alice  wonderland or mad hatter sweet sixteen or bat mitzvah and you really want to be unique! Who doesn’t? Be a trendsetter and no one can’t get in with this exclusive vip pass. This design is creative and can be personalized. The design shown is purple but we can do red, pink ect… Also if you don’t want a photo we can omit this for you.  Contact us for a free proof !

Laminated 10mil Plastic with Color Lanyard (Lanyard color will vary)


Alice in Wonderland Vip Pass Lanyard Invitations Sweet 16 or Quinceanera

Unique Sweet Sixteen Invitations












Alice in wonderland is a theme for any age group. Your party can include tea cups and more tea cups….

Also known as the mad hatter party theme this theme can add alot of fun.  Here are some ideas..

1. Ask your guest to meet you in Wonderland

2. Put a favor bag which includes tea bags, cards and candy

3. Fill vases with  red roses, and hide one or several brushes with red paint in them

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Alice In wonderland Invitations


Had so much designing this requested invitation. Planning an Alice in Wonderland theme for your Quinceanera? This theme can be so much fun! Just imagine what you could do with the quinceanera dance, decor , quinceanera cake , decor… oh I can go on and on… but I won’t. Your main quinceanera party favor could be a deck of cards with your photo… You can order this invitation here

Alice in Wonderland Theme Invitations


  • Create and send Alice in Wonderland themed invitations. Send the invites at least 2 weeks in advance. However, if you send them a month in advance, you will have greater response and the guests will have more time to get costumes.
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    Begin a list of everything you need to purchase or gather for the Alice in Wonderland party so that you have everything ready for the event. Don’t forget to rent, buy or make your costume.

    Party Time

  • 1

    Decorate your Wonderland. Be creative. For a children’s party in a garden decorate with over-sized playing cards and cut-out hearts. A cut out of the caterpillar on the mushroom with a fog machine is great for a trippy adult party. (For a Mad Hatter Tea Party, see “How to Plan a Mad Hatter Tea Party,”).

  • 2

    Play music during the party. The Alice in Wonderland movie soundtrack is a good optkion for a children’s party, while Jefferson Starship’s “White Rabbit” is better for an adult party.

  • 3

    Plan a few Alice in Wonderland activities. If the party is for children, play “pin the grin on the Cheshire Cat” or “pin the tail on the White Rabbit.” Both adults and children can enjoy playing “Queen of Hearts croquet” (see tips below for how to make this game). For an adult party, have a costume contest.

  • 4

    Provide Wonderland themed food and drinks. To make mushroom treats, take large marshmallows, apply a dot of melted chocolate or icing and thenplace a vanilla wafer on top. Write “Eat Me” in icing on cookies or cupcakes and write “Drink Me” on party cups.